Pellets are an excellent means of heating in winter, as they are an environmentally friendly fuel with a high calorific value and emit a minimum amount of ash residues.

The pellets we produce are made from 100% softwood, which we harvest ourselves in order to guarantee a high quality end product.

We have a modern pellet plant. The technology we use includes the process of crushing, drying and pressing of the wood, after which the final product is controlled and complete packaging is carried out.

Production is directed at retail - in bags of 15 kg and wholesale - stacked on pallets of 1005 kg.



SP Stoyan Deliyski Pellets
  • Material - 100% softwood
  • Calorific value - 4,93kWh/kg
  • Moisture content - < 0.61 /analytical/
  • Ash content - <0.43%
  • Sulphur - <0.02%
  • Pellets - Class A1